ESP Spotlight: Off The Beaten Path Bookstore

Owner, Sal, behind the counter

I spent my Friday hanging out at a new bookstore called “Off The Beaten Path.” It’s the first steampunk themed bookstore I’ve been to and I […]

She-Devil: Demonic Possession, Family and Women in the Paranormal Activity Movies by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

She-Devil: Demonic Possession, Family and Women in the Paranormal Activity Movies

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Demonic possession is a female thing.

Sure, the devil usually manifests itself in a male form (The Devil’s Advocate, Constantine, etc.), but it’s women who are most often possessed and chased by demons in movies (The Exorcist, The Exorcism of Emily […]

When Fantasy Becomes Reality

The boundary between science fiction and science continues to thin. While no one expects to be able to go to a department store and pick up Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, if the New Journal of Physics is to be believed, work with flexible metamaterials at visible wavelengths may actually make such gear possible, at least […]

A Season For Ritual by Kate Jonez

Perhaps the feast isn’t always a good thing. One supposes it depends on the purpose of the feast and what exactly is being served.While many in the U.S. may view Thanksgiving as a season of overindulgence, they can at least be thankful that they aren’t required to attend these gatherings…

The Blot – Vikings

The […]

A Constitutional and Family Evil: Ruminations on the House of Usher

September 1839 issue of Burton's Gentleman's Magazine featuring the first appearance of "The Fall of the House of Usher."

The September 1839 issue of Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine, a monthly periodical published out of Philadelphia, came fresh off the press with probably little fanfare. Along with its usual assortment of sporting articles, poetry, and reviews […]

The Family Perspective

Sometimes re-examining films and fiction through a different lens opens up new interpretations and deepens appreciation. While looking for subtext, intentional and unintentional, may seem like a good deal of work for little pay-off, it can provoke surprising and worthwhile connections—or one might just end up with such trains of thought as: “Is Superman faster […]

James Cameron at TED

James Cameron has given much to the world of genre. His 1984 low-budget science fiction thriller, Terminator, spawned a franchise and helped solidify the star status of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Working with other talents. After working on several other successful genre films, he produced one of the most successful motion pictures of all time—Titanic. This blockbuster […]

Chas’ Family

Charles Addams began inking his twisted one panel cartoons in the New Yorker back in 1938 and continued until his death in 1998. While consistently steeped in black humor, the panels didn’t regularly begin to feature the cohesive family unit known and loved as The Addams Family until the forties, when apparently Addams did an […]

Family Values Month

With Halloween over and November’s winds blowing cold, one looks forward to the holiday season. This is when we reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going. We also have a chance to consider our loved ones and take the time to appreciate family. That’s why we here at Elder Signs Press are celebrating […]

Full Moon On The Sabbath? Sounds Like A Werewolf Bar Mitzvah