Book Review: The Frenzy Way

THE FRENZY WAY By Gregory Lamberson

Medallion Press/356 pages Trade Paperback $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN ISBN: 978-160642107-0

Book Review by Chris Welch

There are wrong ways and right ways to write werewolf novels. Gregory Lamberson definitely knows the right way. In this case, the right way is The Frenzy Way.

This novel is part supernatural horror, […]

Have You Ever Said Her Name? —Theresa Lucas

Fear comes naturally to us when we’re kids, don’t you think?

After seeing Jaws at the tender age of six (what were my parents thinking?) I became convinced a shark was lurking under my bed, ready to grab my succulent little legs.

My fear overrode the knowledge that sharks not only couldn’t fit under […]

Fortune Telling –Kate Jonez

Halloween is a Great Night for Fortune Telling

For the Ancient Celts, Samhain, the holiday which became Halloween, was prime time for fortune telling. The veil between the worlds was thinner than on any other night and with a little encouragement the spirits would happily give up their secrets. The Celts used simple divination methods.


How To Make A Zombie — Lois Gresh


by Lois H. Gresh (author of BLOOD AND ICE, a futuristic vampire thriller — January 2011)


Our traditional notion of zombies originated with Haitian Voodoo culture. In fact, the word, zombie, comes from the Haitian word, zombi, which means spirit of the dead. […]

The Poe Museum by Stewart Sternberg

If you’re passing anywhere near Richmond, Virginia in the near future, or if you live in that area, give thought to visiting the Poe Museum.

The museum, according to its website, “boasts the world’s finest collection of Edgar Allan Poe’s manuscripts, letters, first editions, memorabilia and personal belongings.” Opened in 1922, its located in […]

Kindle 3G+Wi-Fi Giveaway Contest

What better way to get a Kindle 3G+wifi?

Elder Signs Press is giving away the latest Kindle with 3G+wifi capabilities. To qualify for the drawing, simply like the Elder Signs Press page on Facebook, follow on us on Twitter, or post a link to Elder Signs Press on your own website or blog.

If […]

Vanished! Mysterious Disappearances Haunt the Imagination–By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Vanished! Mysterious Disappearances Haunt the Imagination

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Is there anything scarier than meeting a ghost in a graveyard or finding a demon in the pantry? How about a mysterious disappearance? Nothing gets our ticker going like a good mystery and the best mysteries involve a disappearing act that baffles – and sometimes chills […]

Film Review: Hereafter — C.J. Henderson


By: C.J. Henderson

Well, let’s get this out of the way right now. This is not a film for the children. That is not to say that it is filled with bad language or excessive sex or violence. It’s not. Indeed, that’s a big part of why this one isn’t for children. I […]

ESP Spotlight: The Ravening

From the first page, The Ravening pounds the reader with unrelenting suspense and throat tightening horror as a family, caught in the middle of a sweeping plague, fights to stay together and maintain their humanity. With the dead rising and the remnants of society falling to corruption how will they survive?

The Ravening is […]



by Lois H. Gresh (author of BLOOD AND ICE, a futuristic vampire thriller — January 2011)


In Romania, vampires were known as Strigoli, from the Roman word, strix, which referred to the screech owl. It was thought that the strix were demons. Of the various […]