Saint-Germain: Memoirs, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro


ESP is excited to announce the collection Saint-Germain: Memoirs, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, is now available for pre-order!Collected in this book are stories of the vampire, Saint-Germain. From ancient Greece to the present, the dark immortal recounts tales from a timeless life. Also included is a brief essay by the […]

Chronicles of the Apocalypse: Species

Now Shipping!  In the final days, humanity faced the final hour of existence. With a whimper they passed from this life and into something inhuman, something monstrous, something alien. In the last hours they longed for a deliverance that would never come – there was only emptiness. But all species are difficult to […]

Twice Dead Things

Now Shipping! Elder Signs Press is proud to announce the upcoming collection Twice Dead Things , which will be published in 2006.  Â

Twice Dead Things is a collection of the captivating, terrifying, and poetic writings of A.A. Attanasio, one of today’s most powerful and insightful writers. This volume includes many rare […]

The Things That Are Not There

Private Detective Theodore London ran the best one-man agency in New York City — at least he did until a demon-driven storm trashed his operation. Then he finds himself helping a beautiful woman being hunted by an army of winged monsters, and helping to close the doorway to another world.  Â

Award-wining […]

Rehearsals for Oblivion: Tales of the King in Yellow (Act I)

NOW AVAILABLE! The stage is set. The curtain lifts. Behold the man in the pallid mask, the King in Yellow. Rehearsals for Oblivion: Tales of the King in Yellow, ACT I is the first volume in a comprehensive set of weird fiction and poetry focused on one of the genre’s most mysterious and intriguing […]

Hardboiled Cthulhu

Hardboiled Cthulhu is now shipping from Elder Signs Press. Expect this hard-hitting anthology to come knocking soon. All orders get a limited edition cover plate of the book while quantities last.

The Big Sleep Ends, and the Nightmares Begin!            Â

Hard hitting, […]

White Tribe

Elder Signs Press is proud to announce the novella White Tribe, by Gene O’Neill. A devastating earthquake in Northern California casts an unlikely band of survivors together in a church in Mendocino. Amongst the turmoil and struggles, they encounter something ancient . . . another survivor. One who has returned. One who is seeking […]



Richard A. Lupoff is one of the most versatile writers in the trade, having written fiction in science fiction, mystery, and horror. He is a master of the Lovecraftian and Mythos style tale. This 360-page volume brings together some of his best stories in the Lovecraftian and horror genre, as well […]

Ancient Exhumations +2

Elder Signs Press is thrilled to announce that its first collection, Ancient Exhumations +2, by Stanley C. Sargent, is now available! This anthology is a revised and expanded version of Stanley’s Ancient Exhumations originally published by Mythos Books in 1999. This revised and expanded version features two new stories and several new illustrations!Â