What Will You Miss? by Kate Jonez

What Will You Miss Most When The World Has Collapsed?

We take so many things for granted. However, it’s easy to see how quickly a house of cards may fall when one is pulled away. While survivalism is currently the rage in many parts of the United States, with people returning to a bomb-shelter mentality, being prepared for civilization’s collapse and living it are two different things. Consider the short list below and think about that card deck. One thing affects another and in some way, everything is connected. What’s on your short list?

Ice cream—Without sophisticated refrigerated transport and storage this will no longer be possible. Fruit is equally delicious right? Also consider what lack of refrigeration will mean to food supplies in general, as well as living conditions. No refrigeration, no air-conditioning.

Mathematics—No electricity, no batteries, possibly not much sun.  Many, if not most people, struggle with all but the most basic mathematics when they don’t have a calculator handy. Once civilizations has collapsed, it’s back to counting fingers and toes.

Internet—No electricity, no batteries, no math… no social networking. Also say goodbye to an infrastructure built around connectivity.

Fire—Matches seem to be a remarkably simple invention. A stick or a piece of cardboard coated on one end with a material that ignites when struck. Simple right? The coating that makes the match head contains phosphorus or phosphorus sesquisulfide bound with gelatin. Collecting these ingredients requires sophisticated mining, rendering and processing equipment and a highly skilled workforce to operate it. Once civilization has collapsed, these things will be hard to come by. If you have friends who can do that rubbing sticks thing, keep them close.

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