ConClave 35 has ESP

ESP editors, writers, and bloggers will be descending on Romulus, MI October 8-10 for ConClave 35. When we aren’t filling our bellies with free food at the ConSuite or wearing lampshades at the many parties being thrown, we’ll be speaking at the following events:


Writing 101: What You Didn’t Hear in Creative Writing Class

6:30pm Ballroom 5 Charles P. Zaglanis, Lois Gresh, William Jones, Tyree Campbell



10:00am Ballroom 5 William Jones, Daniel J. Hogan, Lois Gresh

Podcasting for Fun and Profit

11:30am Ballroom 5 Daniel J. Hogan, William Jones, Stewart Sternberg

Ghost Hunting

1:30pm Ballroom 8 Rick Moore

Author Reading: Lois Gresh 1:30pm Ballroom 5

Writing Groups, Workshops and You

3:00pm Ballroom 5 Stewart Sternberg, Charles P. Zaglanis, Christian Klaver, Christine Purcell

The Steampunk Revolution

4:30pm Ballroom 5 William Jones, Christian Klaver, Daniel J. Hogan, Christine Purcell

Author Reading: Stewart Sternberg Saturday 6:30pm Ballroom 5

Author Reading: William Jones Saturday 8:00pm Ballroom 5

Monsters of Today: Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies

9:30pm Ballroom 5 William Jones, Stewart Sternberg, Lois Gresh, Tim Curran


Writing Your First Novel

10:00am Ballroom 5 William Jones, Stewart Sternberg, Tyree Campbell, Lois Gresh, Tim Curran

Sasquatch and Me: Big Shoes to Fill

11:30am Ballroom 8 Rick Moore

Mercenary Wordsmiths

1:00pm Ballroom 5 William Jones, Stewart Sternberg, Lois Gresh, Tyree Campbell

Author Reading: Tim Curran 2:30 Ballroom 5

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