Rehearsals for Oblivion: Tales of the King in Yellow (Act I)

The stage is set. The curtain lifts. Behold the man in the pallid mask, the King in Yellow. Rehearsals for Oblivion: Tales of the King in Yellow, ACT I is the first volume in a comprehensive set of weird fiction and poetry focused on one of the genre’s most mysterious and intriguing figures. Contributors include Richard L. Tierney, William Laughlin, John Scott Tynes, Roger Johnson, Robert M. Price, Vincent Starrett, Michael Minnis, Mark McLaughlin, Susan McAdam, Mark Francis, G. Warlock Vance, Ann K. Schwader, Steve Lines, Carlos Orsi Martinho, Peter A. Worthy, Ron Shiflet, Will Murray, and Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.The world is a stage . . . filled with nightmares. 

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Table of Contents

The Curse of the King by Richard L. Tierney
The Dream-Leech by William Laughlin
Ambrose by John Scott Tynes
In Memoriam by Roger Johnson & Robert M. Price
Cordelia’s Song from The King in Yellow by Vincent Starrett
Chartreuse by Michael Minnis
Cat With the Hand of a Child by Mark McLaughlin
Lilloth by Susan McAdam
Reflections in Carcosa by Mark Francis
Broadalbin by John Scott Tynes
The Adventure of the Yellow Sign by G. Warlock Vance
Tattered Souls by Ann K. Schwader
What Sad Drum? by Steve Lines
The Machine in Yellow by Carlos Orsi Martinho
The Peace That Will Not Come by Peter A. Worthy
The Purple Emperor by Will Murray
A Line of Questions by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.
Yellow is the Color of Tomorrow by Ron Shiflet

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