An Old Scare

Let’s pay tribute to one of the greatest gags that went around a few years back. I was sent a video and told to watch the car. Apparently it was a German auto company who made the commercial and¬†inadvertently¬†caught something on camera. Being the gullible man I am, I watched the video. When the punchline hit, I remember crying out in surprise edged with a little horror.

Now, being the good person I am, I immediately started setting various people at work up with the video, and watching their responses. Almost without fail, each person shrieked and jumped back from the computer screen. I’m a child.

Below is a copy of said video. And when videos like these start circulating, you know you’re really into Halloween season. There’s a bunch of imitators drifting around, but here is the one that got me. And don’t tell me that when you first saw this you didn’t jump. I’ll call you liar.

2 comments to An Old Scare

  • I was prepared for this-so you need to call me a liar. But a friend sent me a dead snake one that really made me jump.

  • Stewart Sternberg

    No, I won’t call you a liar, but the key is that you were prepared. It’s still fun, regardless of what form it takes. And who doesn’t like to be terrified?