Sleep That Rescues Signing

At long last, CJ Henderson’s new Teddy London novel will soon be available. This is not the rerelease of the old third novel as many have been expecting, but an entirely new, never-before seen novel. Indeed, even the bonus story attached at the end is all new. The Sleep That Rescues will be available in¬†stores in¬†October. But, for those on the Eastern seaboard, this Sunday, September 27th, the book will have its red carpet unveiling at the famous Between Books media entertainment center. This is one of the largest sci fi, comic, mystery, horror, fantasy, anime, gaming–well, you name it–stores in the country, and CJ’s personal pick to have his first signing for this long-awaited novel. The store is in Claymont, DE, and if there’s any way you think you might be able to be there, you can find them and all their information on the web at

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