Fortune Telling –Kate Jonez

Halloween is a Great Night for Fortune Telling

For the Ancient Celts, Samhain, the holiday which became Halloween, was prime time for fortune telling. The veil between the worlds was thinner than on any other night and with a little encouragement the spirits would happily give up their secrets. The Celts used simple divination methods.

  • Keep the skin intact as you peel an apple. When you throw the peel over your shoulder it will reveal the initial of a future lover.
  • By candlelight comb your hair in front of a mirror. The face of your future lover will appear over your shoulder.
  • Stick apple pips to the outside of your cheek, one for yes and one for no. Which ever stays longer is your answer.
  • Sit a blindfolded person at a table in front of several saucers. Each should be filled with something different. After shuffling the saucers, have the blindfolded person choose one. The contents of the saucers reveal his or her fate for the coming year.

water – travel
coin or salt – wealth
clay – someone will die
beans – poverty
ring – marriage

  • Place two nuts side by side on the grate of a fire. The nuts indicate a couple. Give the nuts the same name as the couple.

If a nut burns brightly without cracking, it indicates lasting love.
If it cracks and jumps, it foretells unfaithfulness.
If the nuts burn at the same rate, the two be will be or remain happily married.

  • After ‘apple-dookin’ in which a people take apples from a tub of water with their teeth, wait until midnight and cut the apple into nine sections. Sit with a mirror in the moonlight and eat eight of the apple pieces. All the while have a question in your mind. Throw the ninth apple piece over your shoulder. Look over the same shoulder into the mirror. You will see a symbol in the mirror that answers your question.

Happy Halloween fortune telling.

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