Twice Dead Things

Now Shipping! Elder Signs Press is proud to announce the upcoming collection Twice Dead Things , which will be published in 2006.   

Twice Dead Things is a collection of the captivating, terrifying, and poetic writings of A.A. Attanasio, one of today’s most powerful and insightful writers. This volume includes many rare and previously unpublished works, and the re-writing of his popular Lovecraftian tales into a solitary narrative. Over his lengthy career, Attanasio has written in many genres, proving a master of each . Twice Dead Things is a collection of many of those masterful writings.
Available in a limited, signed and numbered hardcover, and trade paperback.

Purchase the limited hardcover ($42.00)
Purchase the trade paperback ($16.95)  

Table of contents:

Foreword by Author
Atlantis Rose
Maps for the Spiders
Ink from the New Moon
The Dark One: A Mythograph
Death’s Head Moon
Zero’s Twin
Demons Hide Their Faces
Brave Tails:
Riversplash Mountain
The Strange, Wild Provenance of the Brave Tails]
Thirteen Raptures of the Black Goat:
The Star Pools
A Priestess of Nodens
Time in the Hourless House]
Twice Dead Things: Investigations of the Fractal Blood Soul

Cover by Steven Gilberts.
Pages: 348
Author: A.A. Attanasio

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