Book Review: The Frenzy Way

By Gregory Lamberson

Medallion Press/356 pages
Trade Paperback $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN
ISBN: 978-160642107-0

Book Review by Chris Welch

There are wrong ways and right ways to write werewolf novels. Gregory Lamberson definitely knows the right way. In this case, the right way is The Frenzy Way.

This novel is part supernatural horror, part hardboiled police mystery, part ancient conspiracy, and part high-powered action/suspense. Additionally, this novel has complex characters, with complex interactions, and it is worth the reader’s time to invest in this novel.

The Frenzy Way has some serious emotional punches, and they will leave an emotional impact on the reader. So definitely get invested this novel — it makes the very good horror and suspense even better if you do. Of course, Lamberson’s taunt but flowing style makes it easy to for the reader to get involved in this story. This is a page-turner, and you will have trouble putting it down.

The main character of the novel is New York homicide detective Anthony Mace. Mace is a reluctant, if not outright hostile, media darling because he solved a mass-murder case several years ago. His fame came from a true-crime novel and movie based on his case. Now, another murder has occurred in New York, and Mace is assigned to solve it. The last thing he wants is another case made for Hollywood.

The victim was murdered, it would appear, by an animal, except animals do not leave messages written in victim’s blood. The only clues at the scene are a sword with a broken silver blade and book on werewolves written by the victim. As more and more savaged victims begin to pile up in New York City, Mace and his team have to figure out not just who the perp is, but where he will strike next. That is assuming, of course, that there is only person behind the slaughters.

Complicating matters are an American Indian police officer from upstate New York who may have a connection to the murderer, as well as a mysterious person that may be part of a secret, holy-warrior group that is still carrying out the mission of the Inquisition, which killed thousands of alleged werewolves in the past. Are they connected to the sword, and if so, why? These competing forces, though, may not be enough to stop the slaughter.

No spoilers are revealed by stating that the perp is, in fact, a werewolf — that is pretty clear from the cover of the book. One aspect of this book I would like mention without giving too much away is a particular action sequence about three-quarters of the way through the novel. There is a riveting chase scene through the streets of New York that involve more cop cars, police helicopters, and bullets than the Terminator movies combined. For a while, I thought I was watching a movie and not reading a novel because it was so vivid.

The Frenzy Way is must-read for horror fans and action fans alike.

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