Chronicles of the Apocalypse: Species

Now Shipping!  In the final days, humanity faced the final hour of existence. With a whimper they passed from this life and into something inhuman, something monstrous, something alien. In the last hours they longed for a deliverance that would never come – there was only emptiness. But all species are difficult to extinguish, and in humankind there were seven imperfect souls selected for survival. But what seemed a blessing was a nightmare. And the dead are unforgiving.
Available in a signed, limited edition hardcover and trade paperback.    

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“‘McBride writes with a rare confidence, and his audacious story will thrill you to your reptilian core.”
– Tim Lebbon, author of Fears Unnamed

“A new legion of horror writers is taking publishing by storm, and Michael McBride is leading the pack.
Cryptic . . . engrossing . . . stylish . . . Species is a nightmare journey into otherwordly horror, a deliciously wicked combination of Stephen King and Jack Finney.”
– Karen Koehler, author of Slayer

“There is a new rising star in the world of horror SF.”
– Eternal Night Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

“Michael McBride’s prose never even hits the lower gears as it pops into overdrive, dragging the reader along. Non-stop action coupled with just enough science to give you that itch in the back of your brain that whispers . . . hey, it could happen.”
-David Niall Wilson, author o f Deep Blue & The Temptation of Blood

This “author preferred” edition includes the previously released novel Species, with new material, as well as the previously unpublished novel Species II: The Hive (originally due to be released in 2006 by another publisher).

Pages: 572
Author: Michael McBride


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