When Fantasy Becomes Reality

The boundary between science fiction and science continues to thin. While no one expects to be able to go to a department store and pick up Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak,  if the New Journal of Physics is to be believed,  work with flexible metamaterials at visible wavelengths may actually make such gear possible, at least in a limited way.  Perhaps this research will allow the sort of cloaking device utilized on Star Trek.

In an article available on Physics World the manipulation of time may also be a target for research, at least on a limited level. According to the article, “the latest development, by Martin McCall and colleagues of Imperial College, London, and the University of Salford, might see cloaks add yet another dimension to their capability: time. The idea is to create a tunnel through which an object could perform an action – move or change shape, for example – while appearing as though it is doing nothing at all.”

And finally, Lovecraft would be thrilled, or perhaps horrified, by the latest word coming from researchers at CERN, who hope next year to prove the existence of other dimensions. While researchers will probably not see what “From Beyond’s” Crawford Tillinghast was able to perceive, they hope to at least be able to prove that alternate dimensions are a reality.

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