DC Online–a gaming addiction fix

The massive multiplayer online role-play game World of Warcraft has long been known as “gamer crack.” Next week, this form of MMORPG gaming will hit the console experience as DC Online Universe is released for the Playstation 3, and I’m predicting a good many people are going to lose sleep, eat poorly, and spend too many hours drooling before a television screen. I’m going to be one of them.
This is a smart, attractive game, allowing a player to roam freely through the DC world, causing mayhem or saving his fellow citizen from an assortment of comic villains and their henchmen. Like most online role play games, the more you play, the stronger you get, and the more areas of map you are able to unlock. Like World of Warcraft, team creation will come into play as some of the challenges are too difficult to tackle alone. There will also be the usual “player v. player” action and a chance for “arena” play. This is the most logical step for fans of either the successful Justice League Heroes or its stronger counterpart, Marvel Alliance and Marvel Alliance 2. And yes, there will be a Marvel MMORPG coming to the XBOX 360, but right now DC and Sony have the jump on the competition and their entrance is stellar.
Playing the beta version of this game, I was stunned by the graphics and game mechanics produced by the use of the Unreal Engine 3.  Gotham City was dark with amazing structures to climb or fly over, crawl under, or knock down.  Scaling a building just “felt” right.
I was also impressed by the story element in the game and the structure provided to keep things moving for the casual player. That’s not to say one has to follow any particular path, players have a wide open stage on which to frolic? Did I say “frolic”? Sounds like a name for my next superhero.

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