Look for the following Elder Signs Press authors at this year’s Penguicon, located at the Troy Marriott hotel in Troy, Michigan.

STEWART STERNBERGThe Ravening [@ssternberg](panels: Writing Groups, Using Social Networking for Promotion, Is It Steampunk Yet?)

RICK MOOREHigh Seas Cthulhu (Contract Negotiation for Writers, Plagiarism—How Do I protect Myself?)

CHUCK ZAGLANIS High Seas Cthulhu (Writing Groups, Attack of the Plot!, Art of the Critique)

CHRISTIAN KLAVER: The Anthology of Dark Wisdom (Attack of the Plot)

CHRISTINE PURCELL, author and acquisitions editor (The Art of Critique, And Let It Be Said!, Come Out And Play With Big Brother, Is It Steampunk Yet?, and Big House-Little House-or-Self Pub?)

And ESP may be represented by others as well; we’ll keep you up to date….and you never know, the infamous Rachel Gray, co-author of What ToDo When You Meet Cthulhu: A Guide To Surviving The Cthulhu Mythos may be in attendance. One never knows. Never.

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