Still Waiting For Godot

Sony’s Playstation 3 network is down and around the world online gamers are drying their tears.  But not all gamers; XBOX Live is doing just fine. That being said, I’d like to offer a little solace for you who live and die for the world of Sony online gaming. Or to put it differently, what can you do until the network is back up?

—Find an old dial-up modem and try and download a large file. Those of us who have purchased a new game for the PS3 and enjoy the long download times for the endless updates are jonesing for that never ending progress indicator. Of course, when the network reboots, I’m sure we’ll be enjoying the mother of all updates.

—Sometimes it’s better to share misery. May I suggest a face-to-face with those who you might otherwise share an online gaming experience. You can talk, which is a form of chatting, but with your mouth. Or you can play a game with something called a board, or cards, or other accoutrements. It’s radical,  but you might enjoy it.

—For those wondering how they can maintain their lightning reflexes and thumb-to-hand coordination, one can try thumb wrestling with a neighbor, engaging in a twiddling marathon, or try texting Moby Dick from memory. “Call me Ishmael…”

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