Street Magick: Tales of Urban Fantasy (fall 2016) (updated with Table of Contents)

Elder Signs Press is delighted to announce the upcoming anthology: Street Magick: Tales of Urban Fantasy, coming in fall of 2016.


Street Magick

Within this anthology, modern day witches and warlocks shape reality to their will. Creatures of legend make back-alley deals under cover of darkness. The city’s inhabitants encounter items and events imbued with mystic power. Because cities have a life—a magick—all their own.

Edited by: Charles P. Zaglanis
Release Date: Fall 2016
Page Count: approx. 256

Table of Contents:
The Occasional Beast That is Her Soul by John Claude Smith
Bottles by James Dorr
Branded For Hell by James C. Simpson
Grounding a Mockingbird by D.H. Aire
Codex Veritas by Darrin Darin Kennedy
How to Beat a Haunting by Evan Osborne
Whatever the Moon Decides by Sherry Decker
Come Mr. Eric Del Carlo
Death’s Harvest by Nicole Givens Kurtz
Children of God by Costi Gurgu
Valkyrie’s Quest by Josh Brown
Dragonfound by Steve Lewis
Miracle Worker by L. Chan
The Gift by Charles P. Zaglanis
Choose Your Own Excuse by Christine Daigle
Thy Soul to Him Thou Servest by Lee Zumpe
In a Witching Minute by Tara Moeller

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