A Summer with the Dead, by Sherry Decker (spring 2017)

Available Spring of 2017 from Elder Signs Press: A Summer with the Dead, by Sherry Decker, is a contemporary, paranormal horror tale taking place on the Olympic Peninsula.

On the run from her abusive husband, Maya Pederson takes refuge with her Aunt Elly on her farm. Her first night there, Maya is wakened by a whisper. “Help me,” someone begs. “Don’t leave me here.”

Thus begins a string of nightmarish events in Maya’s already stressful life. Disturbing dreams that seem far too real, dreams about the farm’s history, dreams about murder and blood and bodies buried under the house. Aunt Elly says Maya is the only person she’ll tell her memories to because she trusts her and she’s her only living kin. Can the women triumph over the darkness or will they fall prey to the vengeful thing seeking to destroy them?


About the Author:

Sherry Decker has sold short fiction to professional markets such as Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Cemetery Dance, Black Gate, Dark Wisdom, Best of Dark Wisdom (the anthology) and many small and semi-pro presses. Her collection, Hook House and Other Horrors (Damnation Books) is available through the publisher’s site and Amazon.com (also Kindle and Audio) and her children’s book, Rusty the Robot’s Holiday Adventures is available through Pie Plate Publishing and Amazon.com (also Kindle).

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