Dark Horizons: An Anthology of Dark Science Fiction, coming October 2016

Elder Signs Press is excited to announce that Dark Horizons will be available in October 2016.

Dark Horizons: An Anthology of Dark Fiction

Technology gone wrong. Madmen playing with science beyond their control. Alien creatures with malign intent. Welcome to Dark Horizons, where the future is lost.

Edited by: Charles P. Zaglanis
Release Date: October 2016
Pages: 280
Price: $14.95
Format: Trade Paperback

Table of Contents:
Dark of the Moon by James Dorr
Gospel of the Ascended Machines by Aaron J. French
Demon on His Shoulder by Eric Del Carlo
The Fall of Strongholds by Joshua Steely
Digital Edition by L.Chan
A Small Plot of Land by Benjamin Sperduto
The Glass Plague by Costi Gurgu
Circular Argument by Darin Kennedy
Drifting Into the Black by Timothy G. Huguenin
The Damascus Code by Lee Zumpe
Ice Cream by Jay Caselberg
Last Contact by Stewart Sternberg
Making the Rounds by Adrian Ludens
Mother Lode by David Hoenig
The Psychic Battery by E. Dane Anderson
The Shipment by Kevin Bannigan Jr.
The Yellow Planet by Eric Blair
We Have Rules Here by Madison McSweeney
Deeper by Christopher Fulbright

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