The New Doctor Who

It’s week six of season five on BBC America. Haven’t been watching? It’s time to start. Cable has all five back episodes free on demand, making it easy to catch up.

The new Doctor, played by Matt Smith is frantic, but funny. And the interior of the TARDIS has undergone a steampunk makeover, leaving behind its past futuristic look in favor of over-sized gears and polished copper walls. Sensational writing is evident in every episode thanks to BAFTA and Hugo Award-winning lead writer Steven Moffat. Moffat’s even managed to work in satirical, unrequited (so far) feelings of the assistant, Amy Pond (played by Karen Gillan,) toward the Doctor. That is certainly a first in this long running series; although, die-hard fans may remember the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) kissing Grace Holloway in the 1996 television movie.

To give a little teaser about Moffat’s talent, the last two-part episode was serious about its creepy. The Doctor hunts aliens known as the Weeping Angels who look like stone statues. According to the Doctor, they are the most evil creatures in the universe. They can only attack their prey when they are not looking at them. Set your eyes on them, and they become motionless and powerless. But, if the lights go out or you turn away or even blinkā€¦

More generally, the overall story arc revolves around a crack in time. There are hints that the crack has something to do with time re-writing itself. For instance, the history Amy Pond remembers doesn’t include key interactions between humanity and a few of the Doctor’s arch nemeses from past seasons. For example, Amy has no recollection of the Cybermen or the Daleks.

We are also introduced to River Song (Alex Kingston), who will likely play a role integral to the season’s plot. She’s an archeologist from the future who the Doctor keeps meeting in the wrong order. There are some clues regarding a deeper relationship between River Song and the Doctor. It’s a possibly that she may be his wife and that she may also have done jail time for killing a man who could be the Doctor or one of his incarnations.

All in all, this is some great summer genre TV you don’t want to miss. What more can I say but, “Geronimo!!”

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