In The Batter’s Box

SQT, who runs the blog always has an interesting view of film and fiction. I asked her to take a look at the calendar and give me some of her predictions as to which of the upcoming genre films might fare well at the box office.  Here is what she wrote me:


The Dark Knight earned Christopher Nolan huge respect as a director of genre films and fans will likely line up to see Inception, based on that alone. Add a first-rate cast including Leonardo DeCaprio, and Michael Caine, and this dreamscape laden thriller has the potential to be a Matrix style hit.


Jonah Hex looks to enter the summer comic book fray with the same kind of flair as Hellboy. Josh Brolin is the scarred hero squared off against John Malkovich’s villain, with Megan Fox thrown in for sex appeal. A Western setting, big guns and lots of explosions makes this popcorn perfect.



This is a no-brainer. Teenage girls and housewives will flock to see the sparkling vampires, even if the movie is critically panned. It will probably be the biggest earner of the summer.
Question mark movies…


Kids may be interested thanks to the animated television show, but moviegoers may be skittish about paying theater prices for notoriously unreliable director M. Night Shaymalan. Additionally, a mostly unknown cast will only add to the difficulty in bringing in an audience.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice:

Nicholas Cage movies tend to either do very well like National Treasure, or flop like Bangkok Dangerous. Great special effects may boost this one to financial success, but if it can’t find an audience beyond teen viewers, it may only see modest returns.


Despite an established mythology and a pretty good cast including Lawrence Fishburn and Adrian Brody, the budget may be too small to do justice to a special effects film. And while director Robert Rodriguez might pull off a polished product, it’s unlikely audiences will flock to another rehash of an old movie.

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