DVD Review:Black Sheep

Black Sheep 2006
Writer/Director: Jonathan King
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There is plenty of gore in this horror-comedy. These sheep don’t eat lightly. People get gutted, body parts get severed, buckets of blood go flying, and people turn into sheep. This is definitely a cult classic. It’s at least a three in the morning, I’m sobering up and there’s no more pizza movie.

Be aware of sheep that run in herds!

The story begins on a quiet New Zealand ranch where a protester steals a test tube from a dump site. Stop and think about that one. He would have gotten away with it, too, if he hadn’t tripped on his own feet and flung the glass at a tree ( which makes one wonder if the trees will feature significantly in the sequel). Naturally the protester is the first infected, patient zero, if you will, and we’re off in delicious absurdity. Humans infected by this virus become ravenous were-sheep. No one is safe from the hungry hordes. As the body count rises, a desperate handful of outnumbered survivors take a last stand against the ovine onslaught. Try saying that three times fast.

 I didn’t rent this because I wanted to be scared. I rented it because I wanted to see sheep eat people ( and man, I used to think  zombies were violent messy eaters). Movie kudos for some of the scenes that managed to make me jump. I’ll never watch the Serta Mattress commercials alone in the dark again.

There are three types of infection. The original infection came from a fetus that is surprisingly still alive though it has been pickling in a jar of liquid. The sheep get this infection and they eat people. People who are bit, start turning into sheep and have this need to eat flesh. One minute it’s a person and the next, they have a lamb hoof.

The conflict and drama in the film story starts off with intense sibling rivalry when Angus (Peter Feeney who played John Riis in 30 Days of Night) gives his sheep herding brother,Henry (Nathan Meister who played Marius in Legend of the Seeker), a fear that will remain with him well into his adulthood. Who can’t resist great one liners that are utterly hilarious and worth quoting.

Best Quote!
Experience: What is wrong with you?
Henry: Ovinophobia, my therapist calls it.
Experience: Well, what’s that?
Henry: Just the completely unfounded and irrational fear that one day *this* is going to happen!

Another quote that I would love on my shot glass or coffee mug:
Henry: I’m not a tree, I’m a f!$**!! sheep!

Bruce Campbell would have been right at home in this gem of surreal absurdity. Consider a scene when one of the characters pulls off his shoe to reveal a goat hoof. It could have been an eye growing out of Ash’s shoulder in Army of Darkness. But hairy. Or the disturbing image of a giant weresheep sheering his own wool (it made me want to shout:”stop doing that or you’ll go blind”). Perhaps you’re more a fan of pathos, then you’ll thrill to a sheep driving a car over a cliff. More evidence they shouldn’t be given driving licenses.

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