Kitchee Coo

The Japanese have been doing some amazing things with robotics, and this most recently publicized project would have brought an approving nod from Isaac Asimov. The purpose of the robotic infant is to encourage Japanese couples to reproduce (one wonders if a more low tech solution like alcohol and certain suggestive dvd’s wouldn’t do the trick).

Baby Yotaro is programmed to act like a human child

According to Hiroki Kunimurato, the project leader for the Yataro Project, who was interviewed by CNN: “A robot can’t be human but it’s great if this robot triggers human emotions, so humans want to have their own baby.”

Here’s the link to the CNN story and video.

If you don’t have time to watch, then perhaps focus your attention on the image below and imagine this face hidden under a pile of blankets, making cooing sounds and sneezing. ┬áNow don’t you want to run out and have a few of your own?

A Bundle Of Joy?

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