New Submissions Guidelines

In order to create a smoother submissions process, we have revised our guidelines:

Elder Signs Press (ESP Books) is a publisher of quality genre fiction. It publishes 8-10 books a year. ESP Books is a Qualifying Professional Market for SFWA membership. Please be sure to read the guidelines before submitting. ESP Books is the primary book line for Elder Signs Press. For other genres, consider our imprint: Dimensions Books

We seek strong characters with developed personalities that motivate them and are important to the story. Intriguing plots or the unexpected are also essential. Exploration of the human condition and the unknown are works that make ideal candidates for publication.

Dark Fantasy
Dark Fiction Thrillers
Science Fiction
Supernatural Thrillers

Submission Method
Submit Proposal Package:

  • Synopsis of up to three pages. This should include information about your characters, major plot points, and how the book ends.
  • The first three chapters. We need to know you can hook the reader and keep them engaged long enough to get to the really cool stuff you want them to read.
  • A cover letter with your real name, the name you wish to publish under (if different), contact information (address, email),word (not page) count, publication history, and any specific knowledge/experience you have relating to the material.


  • Presently we are overstocked on collections and anthologies. We are not looking for novellas at this time.
  • Remember to use the genre as a “metaphor.” There needs to be more than a formula in the work.
  • When submitting please use the standard submission format — submissions that do not use this format will be destroyed.
  • Due to the volume of submissions, please do not send us a brief description of your story and then ask if we want to see some chapters. Such queries will be deleted.

Average Length
This can vary for the genre, but 80,000-90,000 words is a good average.

Response Times:
Responds in 1-3 month to queries.
Responds in 3-6 months to proposals.
Responds in 6-9 months to manuscripts.

Electronic Submissions:
ESP Books only accepts email submissions. Do not submit complete manuscripts unless requested. Send proposal package in RTF or Word form to:

mail to:


ESP Books considers art an important aspect of book promotion. If you feel you are a good fit for us, please send a link to your portfolio.

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