Kindle 3G+wifi giveaway contest

What better way to get a Kindle 3G+wifi?

Elder Signs Press is giving away the latest Kindle with 3G+wifi capabilities. To qualify for the drawing, simply friend Elder Signs Press on Facebook, follow on us on Twitter, or post a link to Elder Signs Press on your own website or blog.

If you’re already doing this, then simply mail your Name, Mailing Address to and include which of the above qualifying things you’ve done to enter. Please include “GIVEAWAY CONTEST” in the email title. The winner will be randomly drawn on December 1st, 2010.

An entry will be added for each Facebook friend, Twitter follower, and website link. That means, if you’re a Facebook friend, follow Elder Signs Press on Twitter, and have a link to the Elder Signs Press website, you get 3 entries into the contest. And yes, it is limited to 3 entries.

Only verified entries will be added to the drawing. This means you must be a “friend,” “follower,” or have a link to Elder Signs Press before you email your information to the contest.

Privacy Information: Elder Signs Press will not release email addresses, or mailing addresses to anyone. These are being used for verification purposes. While one or more entries can come from the same mailing address, they must be different people. None of the information will be used for mailing lists or promotion in any fashion. All of it will be deleted once the contest is finished.

3 comments to Kindle 3G+wifi giveaway contest

  • mrm1138

    Using my powers of deduction, I’m thinking it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense for a publisher to give away a Kindle if their books can’t be purchased for and read on said device. Does this mean that Elder Signs Press is planning to offer ebooks within the next few months?

  • Stewart Sternberg

    Your powers of deduction are quite sharp, friend. You will see titles available in all formats later this year.

  • mrm1138

    Fantastic! When you say “all formats,” that includes epub, right?