All Things Cthulhu?

When searching for all things Cthulhu, what never ceases to amaze is the amount of items one finds. For a monsterous creature whose arrival heralds the end of humanity, He-Who-Lies-Dead-But-Dreaming, sure has an enormous product line.  For instance?

Cthulhu Mints. Really? Breath like a Deep One?

Or if you’re bored some night, and you’re looking for a way to impress your friends around the gaming table—why not a pair of Cthulhu Plushy Gloves? In our tight economy, all I can ask is—why not?

And how about a Cthulhu Bobble Head? To be honest, I can see myself getting this one. Which is why I’m never, honest. And why my wife keeps cutting the allowance

We could go on, and on…and on…but what’s your favorite Cthulhu themed toy, gadget, or unique article of clothing?

1 comment to All Things Cthulhu?

  • My local comics shop has a Cthulhu model around 16 inches tall-perfect size ratio against my D&D miniatures-I really want to get it and unleash him upon on an unsuspecting party one of these days.