More Things Cthulhu

The last post highlighting unique Cthulhu merchandise was so much fun it just couldn’t stop there. It just couldn’t. Looking to support fans and their (usually) homemade merchandise? Then is the place for you. For example, a Cthulhu Button made by an artisan who is obviously a fan of both Lovecraft and LOL cats.

What? The great old one doesn’t like cheeseburgers?

Or if you’re the devout type, how about a Cthulhu Pocket Idol. Although at $50, I would have thought the seller could have found a greener stone, perhaps with a few gold flecks.

And then there is my favorite. A print with the fantastic title Robo Cthulhu Rises and Totally Wrecks Some Stupid Ship.

Yeah. That pretty much says it all.

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