Start a New Week Feeling Stupid

Hitting Monday and coming to the end of the month, most people can stand a bit of a diversion. Some do Soduko puzzles, some like a bit of trivia. Below find ten questions dealing with the Cthulhu Mythos. 10 correct, and you’re an Old One, waiting for your sacrifice and more importantly, deserving it. 9-7 correct, and we’ll consider you one of the cult leaders in your neighborhood (not as cool as being an Old One, but you still get to be one of the last to die when the world ends). 6-5 right means you have the right to worship, but don’t expect the key to Ryleh. 4 and below? Well, let’s just say you should turn in the cult robes and report to the nearest representative of the Esoteric Order of Dagon for sacrifice. And no, what follows isn’t “true-or-false” or multiple choice questions—this is a quiz for real fans. And don’t write me that some of the questions deal with creations of other authors aside from Lovecraft. You want to whine? Take it up with Charles Dexter Ward.

1) Pinkish things about five feet long (not students on Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale); with crustaceous bodies bearing vast pairs of dorsal fins or membraneous wings and several sets of articulated limbs is a description of which creatures?

2)Who is He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (and to the idiot who dares say Voldemort, don’t close your eyes tonight)?

3) Who is Sandy Petersen?

4) Who is the “Lurker at the Threshold?”

5) According to Clark Ashton Smith, who created the Shoggoths?

6) Some believe the yellow sign refers to which deity?

7) Who is the Daemon Sultan?

8) Who is reputed to be Wilbur Whateley’s father? Note, the idiot who answers “Mr. Whateley” can go stand in the corner next to the dunce who answered Voldemort in question #2

9) The notorious Wil Wheton  is one of the stars in this adaptation of a Lovecraft story. An earlier version was made in 1963 starring Boris Karloff and Nick Adams.

10) What is the name of William Jones’ fictional paranormal investigator? Clue, he is a veteran of the Great War and a  teacher of Medieval Literature at Columbia University. Last clue…his name is prominently featured on the cover of one of the books available for sale.

1) Mi-Go, 2) Hastur, 3) The author of the original version of Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu handbook, 4) Yog-Sothoth 5) Ubbo-Sathla, 6) Hastur again, 7) Azathoth–or maybe Peter Griffin, 8) Yog-Sothoth, 9)” The Colour Out of Space,”  adapted as The Curse 10)Rudolph Pearson, 11)

4 comments to Start a New Week Feeling Stupid

  • I would have answered 7 or 8 correctly but you gave the answers away too soon.

  • mrm1138

    Re: #9, sorry to be that guy, but it’s Wheaton, not Whedon. Also, Nick Adams, not Neil, was the co-star of Die, Monster, Die! (The exclamation point there is just part of the title. I wasn’t trying to be extra emphatic about it.)

  • Stewart Sternberg

    MRM..thanks. Correction made. Actually, I might try to sway you that this was hastily written by an overworked madman and not actually the real test. Your prize will be coming in the mail. Sometime.

  • mrm1138

    Haha! Will it be like Marvel’s No-Prize?