Monsters and The Legal System

In America zombies have the right to protest. Yeah! According to ABC News, Minneapolis is paying $150,000 t0 settle a law suit against a group of zombies. Apparently a group of protesters dressed as the walking dead were arrested. The authorities believed they had weapons of mass destruction. Read the full story here. And here.

This got me wondering about litigation regarding other creatures of the night.  In New Zealand, three vampires are facing charges for attacking a man by biting his neck and drinking his blood. In Seattle, earlier this year, a shirtless man brandishing a sword was picked up by the police. He claimed to have been “hunting werewolves and chud.” A few law suits involving Big Foot are being considered, mostly aimed at stopping hoaxes designed to attract media attention.

In the last couple years a case involving exorcism made it to the Texas Supreme Court.

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