High Seas Cthulhu

NOW AVAILABLE: High Seas Cthulhu

Hoist the anchor and set sail for the High Seas!Discover a time when tall ships ranged the oceans and creatures lurked in the dark depths. Journey across the world from the reign of pirates to the Age of Napoleon, and learn what fears dwell in sailors’ hearts. All hands on deck, ready the cannon, and prepare to engage terrors unknown!Swashbuckling adventure meets the Mythos in this exciting new anthology of Lovecraftian tales.Available in trade paperback.

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Table of Contents:The Idol in His Hand by Darrell Schweitzer
The Tip of the Iceberg
by John Shire
Passage to Oblivion
by Lee Clark Zumpe
Dark Blue
by Alan Dean Foster
The Isle of Dreams
by Charles P. Zaglanis
by Paul Melniczek
A Kind of Fear
by C.J. Henderson
La Armada Invencible
by Michael McBride
The Others
by Stewart Sternberg
by Stephen Mark Rainey
The Havenhome
by William Meikle
The Bedlamite
by Ferrel Moore
The Star of Istanbul
by Chris and Linda L. Donahue
High Seas
by Michael Penncavage
Those Who Came to Dagon
by John Shirley
Clown Fish
by Matthew Baugh
by Heather Hatch
The Wreck of the Ghost
by Tim Curran
The Stars, in their Dreaming
by Gerard Houarner
Depth of Darkness
by William Jones