Richard A. Lupoff is one of the most versatile writers in the trade, having written fiction in science fiction, mystery, and horror. He is a master of the Lovecraftian and Mythos style tale. This 360-page volume brings together some of his best stories in the Lovecraftian and horror genre, as well as previously unpublished works.Also featuring an introduction and by Fred Chapell, the author of Dagon , and an afterword by Richard A. Lupoff.


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Table of Contents:

The Crimson Wizard
The Crimson Wizard and the Jewels of Lemuria
The Golden Saint Meets Madame Medusa
The Whisperers
At Vega’s Taqueria
The Doom that Came to Dunwich
The Horror South of Red Hook
The Adventure of the Voorish Sign
The Secret of the Sahara
Treasure of the Red Robe Men
The Devil’s Hop Yard
Documents in the Case of Elizabeth Akeley
Lights! Camera!! Shub-Niggurath!!!
The Turret
The Heyworth Fragment
Afterword by Author