Looking for Darla

Looking for Darla All manner of things lurk in the dark recesses of a big city.Life on the cold streets is not black and white, good and evil, the  truth lies in between.Explore the fascinating noir styled tales of Ron Shiflet in this one-of-a-kind Cthulhu Mythos collection. 

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Includes the short stories:
The Bank Job                        
Beside Myself                                    
Case of the Missing Grimoire           
The Scales of Justice                        
Looking For Darla                            
Payback is a Bitch                            
Mother’s Little Helper                     
Rough Night In Innsmouth               
The Jealous God                               
A God’s Eye View                             
True to Their Nature            
Don’t Monkey With a Monkey       
The Parasite                                      
Gut Shot and Coyote Eaten              
Don’t Tease the Animals