The Sleep That Rescues

The Sleep That Rescues

“Henderson writes with a fine sharp edge. Hagee is a no-nonsense P. I. fighting the ‘good fight’—it’s a classic combination of stories with the ring of Chandler, yet written by a man who knows the mean streets around us today and makes them sing with the blood and sweat of life.”
—Detective Story Magazine on What You Pay For

“The consistently enjoyable C. J. Henderson delivers again.”
Cemetery Dance

The Sleep That Rescues – Shipping September 2009

Private investigator Teddy London, who has stood firm against vampires, werewolves, and terrors from beyond without flinching, now faces not only an unimaginable god-horror of unlimited power but also the consequences of his own reckless ego. Acting without thinking, he inadvertently opens the doorway of the dreamplane to a beautiful cat burglar, giving her access to the secrets of the universe. Now, the balance of all time and space has been thrown into chaos, and Teddy will need more than a gun named Betty and a blade named Veronica to save his own skin, let alone the entire world.

About the Author
 C. J. Henderson is the creator of the Jack Hagee private detective series, the Teddy London occult detective series, and author of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Movies. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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