Look for the following Elder Signs Press authors at this year’s Penguicon, located at the Troy Marriott hotel in Troy, Michigan.

STEWART STERNBERG– The Ravening [@ssternberg](panels: Writing Groups, Using Social Networking for Promotion, Is It Steampunk Yet?)

RICK MOORE– High Seas Cthulhu (Contract Negotiation for Writers, Plagiarism—How Do I protect Myself?)


ConFusion 11, Lois Gresh, and a Roaring Good Time

The jaunty crew of Elder Signs Press will be piloting our airships toward Troy, Michigan at the end of January. What glittery target roused us from our nightly debauchery you ask? Why, ConFusion 11 of course. Come visit our writers and editors as we manhandle panels and stagger about our book release party. Grab an […]

Ellison’s Last Con: A MadCon 2010 Report in Two Parts

A MadCon 2010 Report, Part 1: Harlan Ellison’s Last Con

By Chris Welch

MadCon 2010 was held Sept. 24-26 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin. While Madison is noteworthy for the number of sf/f/h conventions relative to its size — there have been four conventions in Madison during 2010 — MadCon had […]

ConClave 35 has ESP

ESP editors, writers, and bloggers will be descending on Romulus, MI October 8-10 for ConClave 35. When we aren’t filling our bellies with free food at the ConSuite or wearing lampshades at the many parties being thrown, we’ll be speaking at the following events:


Writing 101: What You Didn’t Hear in Creative Writing […]