And Speaking of Rachel Gray…

What To Do When You Meet Cthulhu: A Guide To Surviving The Cthulhu Mythos has received a wonderful write up in the San Francisco Book Review. According to critic Glenn Dallas: it’s a “guidebook so desperately needed to navigate the highways and byways of sanity-shattering terror he [Lovecraft] introduced to the world.” And thankfully, […]

Come The Old Ones

So first it was a green blob in space seen through the Hubble telescope, but now the scientists are wising up. They’re starting to realize that when the Old Ones come, it’s not going to be all rose petals and lace. No, Sir. According to a paper published by scientist Conway Morris either we’re […]

Cthulhu Old Spice

I know Cthulhu month is over…but sometimes things come along and have to be shared. I want to thank David West for sending this my way

ESP Spotlight:The Spawning

Tim Curran lives in Michigan and has been hard at work for the last several years building an impressive body of work. He is a down-to-earth, hardworking man who has been gaining a faithful following thanks to the the many short stories and novels he’s been belting out for a variety of publishers. Here’s a […]

Start a New Week Feeling Stupid

Hitting Monday and coming to the end of the month, most people can stand a bit of a diversion. Some do Soduko puzzles, some like a bit of trivia. Below find ten questions dealing with the Cthulhu Mythos. 10 correct, and you’re an Old One, waiting for your sacrifice and more importantly, deserving it. 9-7 […]

Cthulhu in Pop Culture

Cthulhu’s had a heck of a run.

After some eighty plus years, Ol’ Squid Face has seeped into pop culture in many different forms. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

But first, did you know what other popular character was introduced in 1928? Mickey Mouse. That’s right Steamboat Willie was released in theaters […]

Necronomicon-Book of the Dead


“The Necronomicon? No man, it’s a real book. I own it. See?”

Yes, I see. Of course, I then proceed to try and explain to the individual that what he owns is in fact a book published during the 80’s, written by someone named “Simon” who was trying to […]

A Salute to The Mad Poet

As Cthulhu Month winds down, I think it is important to pay respects to one of the Great One’s most important chroniclers, Abdul Alharazed. It is he, who after all, penned the profane Necronomicon, that all-important cookbook sought after by any self-respecting cultist.

Who was Mr. Alharazed? Strangely, there isn’t much information about the […]

All Things Cthulhu?

When searching for all things Cthulhu, what never ceases to amaze is the amount of items one finds. For a monsterous creature whose arrival heralds the end of humanity, He-Who-Lies-Dead-But-Dreaming, sure has an enormous product line. For instance?

Cthulhu Mints. Really? Breath like a Deep One?

Or if you’re bored some night, and you’re […]

Story Spotlight: “The Bedlamite” by Ferrel Moore

High Seas Cthulhu offers dark fiction on the open seas—or as the editor describes it, “Swashbuckling Adventure meeting Mythos.” Some of the tales are historical, and some more modern. Ferrel Moore’s contribution to the anthology, “The Bedlamite,” was set in the 1800’s. Heavy in atmosphere, the tale works hard to build suspense until the […]