A Season For Ritual by Kate Jonez

Perhaps the feast isn’t always a good thing. One supposes it depends on the purpose of the feast and what exactly is being served.While many in the U.S. may view Thanksgiving as a season of overindulgence, they can at least be thankful that they aren’t required to attend these gatherings…

The Blot – Vikings

The […]

Have You Ever Said Her Name? —Theresa Lucas

Fear comes naturally to us when we’re kids, don’t you think?

After seeing Jaws at the tender age of six (what were my parents thinking?) I became convinced a shark was lurking under my bed, ready to grab my succulent little legs.

My fear overrode the knowledge that sharks not only couldn’t fit under […]

Vanished! Mysterious Disappearances Haunt the Imagination–By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Vanished! Mysterious Disappearances Haunt the Imagination

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Is there anything scarier than meeting a ghost in a graveyard or finding a demon in the pantry? How about a mysterious disappearance? Nothing gets our ticker going like a good mystery and the best mysteries involve a disappearing act that baffles – and sometimes chills […]

The Devil’s Tramping Ground–by Stephen Mark Rainey

The Devil’s Tramping Ground: a 40-foot barren circle out in the wilds of Chatham County, NC, a dozen or so miles northeast of Siler City.

According to local legend, the Tramping Ground is one of those rare places on Earth where the wall between worlds is thin, and here the devil rises nightly and paces […]