Still Waiting For Godot

Sony’s Playstation 3 network is down and around the world online gamers are drying their tears. But not all gamers; XBOX Live is doing just fine. That being said, I’d like to offer a little solace for you who live and die for the world of Sony online gaming. Or to put it differently, what […]

DC Online–a gaming addiction fix

The massive multiplayer online role-play game World of Warcraft has long been known as “gamer crack.” Next week, this form of MMORPG gaming will hit the console experience as DC Online Universe is released for the Playstation 3, and I’m predicting a good many people are going to lose sleep, eat poorly, and spend too […]

Will You Survive?

We don’t usually think of zombies and massive multi-player online games. However, for fans of the that venue, there is now Dead Frontier, set in a world where a zombie plague has destroyed society and you and other poor players are fighting against the inevitable tide of animated corpses.

Is it perfect? No, but […]

Gamer’s Corner—The Morrow Project

“In 1962, a man by the name of Bruce Edward Morrow, origin unknown, gathered nine of the country’s leading industrialists into an organization known as The Council of Tomorrow…This organization brought forth the concept of the Morrow Project; an ambitious plan to cryogenically freeze special teams and equipment to aid in the reconstruction […]

Zombie Balloon Heads

Kicking off Survival Fiction Month, how about a fun and addicting zombie game? Looking to fill those extra fifteen minutes at lunch? We’ve got you covered.

In your Zombie Balloon Heads quest, you play a stick figure with an ink-gun trying to save your paper world from zombies. Fill their heads with ink and […]

Arkham City

Fans of Lovecraft have always given a knowing nod to the naming of Arkham Asylum in the Batman universe. When the video-game Arkham Asylum was released for gaming consoles, gamers who were also dark fiction fans weren’t disappointed by the dark environment and disturbing images. Arkham Asylum became one of last year’s largest hits, and […]

Gaming Cthulhu

Fans of Lovecraft and particularly fans of The Call of Cthulhu roleplay games, know beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to videogames. We eagerly watch the internet for some mention of a game which, even if it isn’t directly based on Lovecraft, is at least described in Lovecraftian terms. Eternal Darkness for the Gamecube […]

From The Game Shelf: LIMBO

Like an old Universal horror film stylized after the fashion of German expressionism, comes Limbo, the downloadable XBOX 360 game from Playdead Studios.

The gaming elements aren’t unique. It’s essentially a puzzle platformer in which you take on the personae of a little boy dropped in the middle of….well, Limbo. Without spoken dialog, or any […]

James Bond 007: Bloodrose

Things haven’t been going well for James Bond since his last appearance in Quantum of Solace. News reports have given the financial status of MGM as a primary reason for the lack of film development. However film producer Michael G. Wilson recently made a statement to IGN that “Both Barbara [Brocolli] and I are […]