And Speaking of Rachel Gray…

What To Do When You Meet Cthulhu: A Guide To Surviving The Cthulhu Mythos has received a wonderful write up in the San Francisco Book Review. According to critic Glenn Dallas: it’s a “guidebook so desperately needed to navigate the highways and byways of sanity-shattering terror he [Lovecraft] introduced to the world.” And thankfully, […]

Interview—Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Innsmouth Free Press is a fun blog for matters pertaining to Lovecraft, as well as all things genre-related. According to the website, it’s a collaborative effort, with the publishers’ striving to have ” readers and writers help us map out and flesh out Innsmouth and the surrounding area, and to do it in epistolary form […]

More Things Cthulhu

The last post highlighting unique Cthulhu merchandise was so much fun it just couldn’t stop there. It just couldn’t. Looking to support fans and their (usually) homemade merchandise? Then is the place for you. For example, a Cthulhu Button made by an artisan who is obviously a fan of both Lovecraft and […]

Cthulhu in Pop Culture

Cthulhu’s had a heck of a run.

After some eighty plus years, Ol’ Squid Face has seeped into pop culture in many different forms. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

But first, did you know what other popular character was introduced in 1928? Mickey Mouse. That’s right Steamboat Willie was released in theaters […]

Necronomicon-Book of the Dead


“The Necronomicon? No man, it’s a real book. I own it. See?”

Yes, I see. Of course, I then proceed to try and explain to the individual that what he owns is in fact a book published during the 80’s, written by someone named “Simon” who was trying to […]

DVD Review: Dark Heritage: The Final Descent

Dark Heritage: The Final Descent Cornerstone Films Released in 1989 Starring Mark LaCour, Clint Harrison, Tim Verkaik, Eddie Moore and Joan Parmelee

DVD Review by Chris Welch

So, when I stumble across a 21 year-old low-budget horror movie that I have never heard of, on DVD, and the back of the case says “An […]

A Salute to The Mad Poet

As Cthulhu Month winds down, I think it is important to pay respects to one of the Great One’s most important chroniclers, Abdul Alharazed. It is he, who after all, penned the profane Necronomicon, that all-important cookbook sought after by any self-respecting cultist.

Who was Mr. Alharazed? Strangely, there isn’t much information about the […]

Do You Hear That? Lovecraft In Your Car

For people interested in listening to H.P. Lovecraft’s work in podcast form can find several interpretations online for free download. A quick search for “free Lovecraft podcasts” will return a variety of excellent readings.

One source for Lovecraft, and a good many other authors is Librivox, where you can find a mountain of podcasts of […]

Looking For Lovecraft

Looking around for Lovecraft related material on the internet?

First, here’s an interesting review about a one-man-show based on “The Call of Cthulhu.” And here’s a trailer for it:

Nothing mixes like Cthulhu and game shows. Here’s a clip from Mastermind, a British quiz program in which a contestant is battered by questions about […]

Book Review: Horrors Beyond

Horrors Beyond edited by William Jones Elder Signs Press/288 pages 2005, $15.95 ISBN: 978-1934501030

Editor William Jones presents eighteen tales of lurking evil and “terrifying realities” in Horrors Beyond. Jones couldn’t have chosen a better opening story for his anthology than Tim Curran’s “The Eyes of Howard Curlix”: With a reverential nod to H.P. Lovecraft’s […]