American Horror

I grew up with The Twilight Zone, One Step Beyond, and The Outer Limits. These anthology shows gave us classic stories from the likes of Richard Matheson, Ray Bradbury, Charles Beaumont, and Harlan Ellison. The writing was often crisp and the stories bits of carefully crafted heaven. The episodes didn’t always work, and not all […]

Naming Names

Writers have long enjoyed paying tribute to family and friends by naming characters after them or even giving those characters some of their traits. Sometimes it’s done with the utmost affection, sometimes it’s done with a gleam of mischievousness. This is different from drawing on real personalities for the purpose of satire or criticism, it’s […]

She-Devil: Demonic Possession, Family and Women in the Paranormal Activity Movies by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

She-Devil: Demonic Possession, Family and Women in the Paranormal Activity Movies

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Demonic possession is a female thing.

Sure, the devil usually manifests itself in a male form (The Devil’s Advocate, Constantine, etc.), but it’s women who are most often possessed and chased by demons in movies (The Exorcist, The Exorcism of Emily […]

A Season For Ritual by Kate Jonez

Perhaps the feast isn’t always a good thing. One supposes it depends on the purpose of the feast and what exactly is being served.While many in the U.S. may view Thanksgiving as a season of overindulgence, they can at least be thankful that they aren’t required to attend these gatherings…

The Blot – Vikings

The […]

A Constitutional and Family Evil: Ruminations on the House of Usher

September 1839 issue of Burton's Gentleman's Magazine featuring the first appearance of "The Fall of the House of Usher."

The September 1839 issue of Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine, a monthly periodical published out of Philadelphia, came fresh off the press with probably little fanfare. Along with its usual assortment of sporting articles, poetry, and reviews […]

The Family Perspective

Sometimes re-examining films and fiction through a different lens opens up new interpretations and deepens appreciation. While looking for subtext, intentional and unintentional, may seem like a good deal of work for little pay-off, it can provoke surprising and worthwhile connections—or one might just end up with such trains of thought as: “Is Superman faster […]

How To Make A Zombie — Lois Gresh


by Lois H. Gresh (author of BLOOD AND ICE, a futuristic vampire thriller — January 2011)


Our traditional notion of zombies originated with Haitian Voodoo culture. In fact, the word, zombie, comes from the Haitian word, zombi, which means spirit of the dead. […]

ESP Spotlight: The Ravening

From the first page, The Ravening pounds the reader with unrelenting suspense and throat tightening horror as a family, caught in the middle of a sweeping plague, fights to stay together and maintain their humanity. With the dead rising and the remnants of society falling to corruption how will they survive?

The Ravening is […]

The Devil’s Tramping Ground–by Stephen Mark Rainey

The Devil’s Tramping Ground: a 40-foot barren circle out in the wilds of Chatham County, NC, a dozen or so miles northeast of Siler City.

According to local legend, the Tramping Ground is one of those rare places on Earth where the wall between worlds is thin, and here the devil rises nightly and paces […]

Four Haunted Houses That Will Really Scare You

Halloween is coming, and that means the haunted houses are opening. People love being scared. Whether you’re terrified of haunted houses or have a lasting love affair, these four haunted houses are some of the best in the country and guaranteed to entertain.

First, The Netherworld in Atlanta, Georgia prides itself on its realistic costuming. […]