Still Waiting For Godot

Sony’s Playstation 3 network is down and around the world online gamers are drying their tears. But not all gamers; XBOX Live is doing just fine. That being said, I’d like to offer a little solace for you who live and die for the world of Sony online gaming. Or to put it differently, what […]

Chas’ Family

Charles Addams began inking his twisted one panel cartoons in the New Yorker back in 1938 and continued until his death in 1998. While consistently steeped in black humor, the panels didn’t regularly begin to feature the cohesive family unit known and loved as The Addams Family until the forties, when apparently Addams did an […]

Full Moon On The Sabbath? Sounds Like A Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

Book Review: The Frenzy Way

THE FRENZY WAY By Gregory Lamberson

Medallion Press/356 pages Trade Paperback $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN ISBN: 978-160642107-0

Book Review by Chris Welch

There are wrong ways and right ways to write werewolf novels. Gregory Lamberson definitely knows the right way. In this case, the right way is The Frenzy Way.

This novel is part supernatural horror, […]

An Old Scare

Let’s pay tribute to one of the greatest gags that went around a few years back. I was sent a video and told to watch the car. Apparently it was a German auto company who made the commercial and inadvertently caught something on camera. Being the gullible man I am, I watched the video. When […]

Cthulhu Old Spice

I know Cthulhu month is over…but sometimes things come along and have to be shared. I want to thank David West for sending this my way

The Survival Horror Museum

Welcome to the Survival Fiction Museum. Feel free to browse and explore. Be adventurous. Don’t worry about touching the exhibits—and don’t be afraid if some of the exhibits touch back. Just a bit of survival fiction humor there. Come on in. The road flares are there to guide you through quickly. . We have […]

Zombie Balloon Heads

Kicking off Survival Fiction Month, how about a fun and addicting zombie game? Looking to fill those extra fifteen minutes at lunch? We’ve got you covered.

In your Zombie Balloon Heads quest, you play a stick figure with an ink-gun trying to save your paper world from zombies. Fill their heads with ink and […]

Start a New Week Feeling Stupid

Hitting Monday and coming to the end of the month, most people can stand a bit of a diversion. Some do Soduko puzzles, some like a bit of trivia. Below find ten questions dealing with the Cthulhu Mythos. 10 correct, and you’re an Old One, waiting for your sacrifice and more importantly, deserving it. 9-7 […]

More Things Cthulhu

The last post highlighting unique Cthulhu merchandise was so much fun it just couldn’t stop there. It just couldn’t. Looking to support fans and their (usually) homemade merchandise? Then is the place for you. For example, a Cthulhu Button made by an artisan who is obviously a fan of both Lovecraft and […]