Cthulhu in Pop Culture

Cthulhu’s had a heck of a run.

After some eighty plus years, Ol’ Squid Face has seeped into pop culture in many different forms. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

But first, did you know what other popular character was introduced in 1928? Mickey Mouse. That’s right Steamboat Willie was released in theaters […]

A Salute to The Mad Poet

As Cthulhu Month winds down, I think it is important to pay respects to one of the Great One’s most important chroniclers, Abdul Alharazed. It is he, who after all, penned the profane Necronomicon, that all-important cookbook sought after by any self-respecting cultist.

Who was Mr. Alharazed? Strangely, there isn’t much information about the […]

All Things Cthulhu?

When searching for all things Cthulhu, what never ceases to amaze is the amount of items one finds. For a monsterous creature whose arrival heralds the end of humanity, He-Who-Lies-Dead-But-Dreaming, sure has an enormous product line. For instance?

Cthulhu Mints. Really? Breath like a Deep One?

Or if you’re bored some night, and you’re […]

Is It Lovecraft or Is It Memorex?

A good fake can sometimes be as much fun as the real thing. Below is a “copy” of a 1933 WPA interview with H.P. Lovecraft. It was allegedly uploaded by an SGToshi. The submitter alone should be enough to raise the skeptical eyebrow of anyone familiar with names associated with Lovecraft over the last few […]

Who Doesn’t Like A Musical?

The videos we’ve been showcasing here have been well received. I am glad to continue searching for the best and most entertaining. That being said, who doesn’t love a musical? Who doesn’t want to slip on a pair of tight fitting jeans and step-step-slide to the score to West Side Story?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I […]

Cthulhu is Cringing..and So Am I

My friend and collaborator, Christine Purcell, turned me onto this…Lil Cthulhu by Zachary Murray

If you thought that was wrong, you’re really going to cringe at this…CUTETHULHU. Or, maybe you just want some good old fashioned Mythos inspired claymation?

And finally, I give Cthulhu on a blind date. Hey…it could happen. If you […]

Writing Humor in Science Fiction and Fantasy

I enjoy writing humor when I get the chance, as I think it can add another layer to the story.

I don’t mean the story has to be a laff-riot, gag-a-minute, yuckfest. Well, that couldn’t hurt. But, you can work humor in here and there to make things interesting. Stories need ups and downs, build […]