From Stewart Sternberg–

The Little Beastiary

Lovecraft saw amazing things, and I’m thinking they were real. Except—maybe they were also very, very small. Small as in 1/2 milimeter in size. This picture is of something called a hydrothermal worm. It’s something to think about when the bedbugs stop being creepy enough for you.

This […]

Come The Old Ones

So first it was a green blob in space seen through the Hubble telescope, but now the scientists are wising up. They’re starting to realize that when the Old Ones come, it’s not going to be all rose petals and lace. No, Sir. According to a paper published by scientist Conway Morris either we’re […]

Kitchee Coo

The Japanese have been doing some amazing things with robotics, and this most recently publicized project would have brought an approving nod from Isaac Asimov. The purpose of the robotic infant is to encourage Japanese couples to reproduce (one wonders if a more low tech solution like alcohol and certain suggestive dvd’s wouldn’t do the […]