Come The Old Ones

So first it was a green blob in space seen through the Hubble telescope, but now the scientists are wising up. They’re starting to realize that when the Old Ones come, it’s not going to be all rose petals and lace. No, Sir. According to a paper published by scientist Conway Morris either we’re […]

What Can You Get a Wookiee for Christmas (When He Already Owns a Comb?)

It’s hard to let Science Fiction and Fantasy History month go by without a nod to George Lucas and his epic Star Wars empire. Star Wars has been a global pop culture phenomenon for more than thirty years making more than 4.27 billion dollars in box office revenue alone. And George Lucas has made more […]

Science Fiction and Fantasy History Month Goes to the Movies

Film is a great medium for the likes of science fiction and fantasy. Bizarre worlds, unbelievable creatures, impossible science–all can be made “real” thanks to the moving picture.

Sadly, younger fans do not always experience the classic older films because so much gets buried under the newer films.

Therefore, I decided as part of Science […]

Calling Perry Rhodan by Stewart Sternberg

Rhodan was the name of a character in a best-selling science fiction series. Actually, the most successful science fiction series ever written. The franchise sold over one billion copies. Compare that to the five hundred million copies of the Harry Potter series and one hundred million for Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight series. Rhodan’s figures are even […]

James Cameron at TED

James Cameron has given much to the world of genre. His 1984 low-budget science fiction thriller, Terminator, spawned a franchise and helped solidify the star status of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Working with other talents. After working on several other successful genre films, he produced one of the most successful motion pictures of all time—Titanic. This blockbuster […]

ESP Spotlight:The Spawning

Tim Curran lives in Michigan and has been hard at work for the last several years building an impressive body of work. He is a down-to-earth, hardworking man who has been gaining a faithful following thanks to the the many short stories and novels he’s been belting out for a variety of publishers. Here’s a […]

Remembering The Science Fiction Author

Discussing H.P.Lovecraft’s role as horror author, some people tend to forget that much of his work may actually fall under the heading of science fiction. Fundamentally, At the Mountains of Madness, “The Colour Out Of Space,” and “From Beyond,” all focus on concepts of alien worlds and intelligences, and altered states of perception which ignite […]

Writing Humor in Science Fiction and Fantasy

I enjoy writing humor when I get the chance, as I think it can add another layer to the story.

I don’t mean the story has to be a laff-riot, gag-a-minute, yuckfest. Well, that couldn’t hurt. But, you can work humor in here and there to make things interesting. Stories need ups and downs, build […]