Gone Zombie: Interview with Web Comic Creator Stephen Thor

In the comic world, people like zombies. That is, people like zombies eating people. I talked with Stephen Thor about his web comic Gone Zombie, an independent comic with a storyline revolving around a religious cult seeking spiritual fulfillment by becoming undead themselves. As the story begins, Kurt is on a search to find his […]

The Power of Zombie Literature

Heading into the last days of Survival Horror Month, allow me a comment on a topic that has dominated these pages the last couple weeks—zombies.

Why do we so enjoy the undead reanimating and chomping the hell out of us? Where’s the attraction? Vampires are charming. Werewolves are powerful and savage. And Zombies? Well…they sort […]

Gamer’s Corner—The Morrow Project

“In 1962, a man by the name of Bruce Edward Morrow, origin unknown, gathered nine of the country’s leading industrialists into an organization known as The Council of Tomorrow…This organization brought forth the concept of the Morrow Project; an ambitious plan to cryogenically freeze special teams and equipment to aid in the reconstruction […]

A Boy And His Dog–a review

Psycho Boy and His Killer Dog

A Boy And His Dog,


. I often wonder what distributors are thinking about when they give films different titles to entice an audience into slapping down hard-earned cash. The above moniker was forced onto the 1975 film version of Harlan Ellison’s A Boy And His Dog for […]

How Many Ways Can You Write About Zombies? by Theresa Lucas

I never knew I was a fan of zombie literature until I started reading it as the current wave of zombie-themed fiction started landing on my doorstep. Two of the best books I’ve read in the last two years (Boneshaker by Cherie Priest and The Reapers Are the Angels by Alden Bell) have featured […]

The Survival Horror Museum

Welcome to the Survival Fiction Museum. Feel free to browse and explore. Be adventurous. Don’t worry about touching the exhibits—and don’t be afraid if some of the exhibits touch back. Just a bit of survival fiction humor there. Come on in. The road flares are there to guide you through quickly. . We have […]